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Only with your support, is it possible to continue this program of higher education for thousands of young women from every part of Wisconsin.

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We are proud of their association with the Miss America Organization!  For more information about in-kind scholarships and the Miss Wisconsin Organization, please email:  Thank You!


Miss Wisconsin 2013
10,000 cash scholarship*

First Runner-Up
$2000 Scholarship*
$1000 Scholarship**

Second Runner-Up
$1000 Scholarship *
$1000 Scholarship**

Third Runner-Up
$800 Scholarship*
$700 Scholarship**

Fourth Runner-Up
$600 Scholarship*
$400 Scholarship**

5 Semi-Finalists
$500 Scholarship*
$100 Scholarship**

Miss Wisconsin Preliminary Winners
Talent: $500 Scholarship Each
Swimsuit: $250 Scholarship Each

All non-finalists
$300 Scholarship*

In-Kind Scholarships

Viterbo University has committed to an in-kind scholarship for Miss Wisconsin.  Thank you to our generous in-kind scholarship supporters.

  • Miss Wisconsin (4 Year) --------------- $ 36,000
  • 1st Runner-up (4 Year) ----------------- $ 12,000
  • 2nd Runner-up (4 Year) ----------------- $12,000
  • 3rd Runner-up (4 Year) ----------------- $ 12,000
  • 4th Runner-up (4 Year) ----------------- $ 12,000

Additional Scholarships
Non-finalist Interview Award
$500 Scholarship
Awarded to one of the 12 non-finalists
with the highest interview points.
Contributed by Dick and Mary Lou Lewis

Jean L. Anderson Evening Wear
Award: $400 Scholarship
Awarded to the Evening Wear winner out of all the contestants. Established by Ron Anderson and Joe Neumaier... in memory of Jean L. Anderson, Lady of Style, Grace and Elegance.

Early Childhood Elementary Education
$500 Scholarship
Awarded to a contestant majoring in
early education. Contributed by Joel
and Marilyn Andelman, Waupaca, WI

Health/Sciences Award
$500 Scholarship
Awarded to a contestant majoring in one of the following fields of study: Pre-Medicine, Nursing, Biology, Chemistry, Veterinary Science or Dentistry. Contributed by Joel and Marilyn Andelman.

Spirit of Miss America Award
$250 Scholarship
(Voted on by contestants). For the one contestant who exemplifies the ideals of The Miss America Program. Contributed by Sharon Singstock Bury, MW65

Marketing/Communications Award
$300 Scholarship
Awarded to the winner of the 300-word essay contest. Contributed by Cory Ann St. Marie-Carls, Michele St. Marie-Boelkow and Diane Czeszak

Four Points Award
$400 Scholarship
Awarded to the winner of a 300 word essay addressing “How do you represent the 4 points of the Miss Wisconsin Crown: Scholarship, Success, Style and Service?” judged by an independent panel.  Contributed by Joel and Marilyn Andelman

Dave Alban Blood Drive High Recruitment award
$200 Award

People’s Choice Internet Vote
$500 Scholarship*
$100 Scholarship**

Miss America 2012 National Scholarship Winners
Community Service Award
$1,000 Scholarship
From the Miss America Organization

Academic Scholarship
$1,000 Scholarship
From the Miss America Organization

New Local Pageant Scholarship
$500 Scholarship
Awarded to a unique new local pageant organization
From the Miss America Organization

Additional in-kind scholarships awarded to Miss Wisconsin 2012, semi-finalists and contestants who meet eligibility requirements.

*From the Miss Wisconsin Organization
**From Joel & Marilyn Andelman

Thank You!

For more information about in-kind scholarships and the Miss Wisconsin Organization,
please e-mail:

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2015 Miss Pageants

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March 28, 2015
Miss Beloit

March 28, 2015
Miss St. Francis

March 28, 2015
Miss Fox River Valley & Miss Heart of the Valley

May 9, 2015
Miss Wisconsin Prep Day

May 23, 2015
Miss Burlington Area Chocolatefest

June 6, 2015
Miss Sparta

June 15-20, 2015 at 7:00 pm
Miss Wisconsin Scholarship Pageant Week

August 15, 2015
Miss Onalaska

August 22, 2015
Miss Lacrosse Oktoberfest

October 10, 2015
Fall Meeting