Why do we have a Princess Program?


Dr. Carol and Madison Uebelacker’s Story


I was 53, a solo Family Practice physician with 2 grown sons and grandchildren.  Thanks to the University of Wisconsin Medical School, I had started med school at age 35 and never looked back --- except when it came time to choose a name for a 20 pound, very ill, 3 year old little girl who would become the light of my life...Madison!  That's right; she was named for the capitol of Wisconsin and the University that helped me long ago.  This tiny little girl was born in China with a serious heart defect that was threatening her life. So in 2003, I needed a little girl and she needed a mom...and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin must have needed another miracle.

She was to spend 2 weeks in the hospital on a "rocky" course…not Madison! On day 2 she pulled out ALL the tubes…we went home on day 3...and the rest is history!

Nothing stops this little steamroller, as those who may have met her at the Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen and Miss Wisconsin Pageants know. She is a hard-worker in all she tries. Her teachers consistently use the same words to describe her: "A joy to have in the classroom".  Her best effort is the only effort she knows how to exert. She smiles and skips wherever she goes…and now that she has discovered the stage...well...her smile is as big as the sun and stars! 
I am forever grateful to my home Wisconsin for giving me the opportunity to give HER the opportunities she so much deserves. Forward, Madison!

A note from a Princess Mom:

"You have no idea how much the Miss Door County Princess Program has impacted our princess. She absolutely loves it. I had so many tears throughout the entire pageant. Our princess told me that one day she wants to be Miss Door County, and if she doesn't win, she is going to try and try again until she does.

On Sunday after the pageant, I was doing as any mother would; praising our princess telling her how proud I was of her, how beautiful she is, and that I felt she was the best (to make her feel good about herself and confident).  She then in return stated: "Mom, don't ever say that I am better than anybody else! We are all equal, we all did our best, and we ALL did a good job." Now, coming from a 6 year old, you have no idea how much that meant to me, knowing how good of a person she has turned out to be already at such a young  age.

I do credit the program for it. Nobody there ever favors on person more than another, all the girls get along so well, and that does reflect upon these young girls. I can't thank the pageant enough for involving these young "Future Miss Door Counties."

We are pleased to hear that we are going to be starting a Door County Outstanding Teen Program! These girls gain so much self-esteem, which is something that they need starting at a young age so they can become strong, proud, happy adults.

I tell you, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have a daughter involved in things like this, but she is! It's something that she wants to do, not something that I push her to do-which is a very important thing as well.

A million thank yous go out to Shirley Eihlers, Mary Jane (for having patience and spending so much time with these little girls and their dance routines, etc.) and everyone involved in making this all possible."



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