2012 Local Miss Titleholders

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Miss Beloit: Melissa Gile
Miss Burlington Area ChocolateFest: Stephanie Kok
Miss Door County: Zephyr Ciesar
Miss Fond du Lac: Heather Klewicki
Miss Fox River Valley: Mary O'Connell
Miss Green Bay Area: Elizabeth Butler
Miss Heart of The Valley: Desiree Geffers
Miss Heart of Wisconsin: Katie Williams
Miss Kenosha: Rebecca Gaertner
Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest: Kate Gorman
Miss Madison-Capital City: Chelsea Hammett
Miss Milwaukee: Stephanie Obst
Miss New Berlin: Raquel Bruening
Miss Onalaska: Miranda Rosenthal
Miss Oshkosh: Samantha Philip
Miss Racine: Paula Kuiper
Miss Saint Francis: Colleen Mrotek
Miss Seven Rivers: Elizabeth Kramer
Miss Southern Lakes: Maggie Hill
Miss Southern Wisconsin: Tonya Popowski
Miss West Allis: Amanda Garrity
Miss Wisconsin Central: Mariah Haberman
Miss Wisconsin Rapids Area: Michelle Neumann

Melissa Gile Local Competition: Miss Beloit
Name: Melissa Gile
Social Impact Statement: Keeping Senior Minds Young
Talent: Flugel Horn - 'You Raise Me Up'
Stephanie Kok Local Competition: Miss Burlington Area ChocolateFest
Name: Stephanie Kok
Social Impact Statement: Eating Disorders
Talent: Violin - "Czardas"
Zephyr Ciesar Local Competition: Miss Door County
Name: Zephyr Ciesar
Social Impact Statement: Start the Progression to End Aggression
Talent: Vocal - "I Surrender"
Heather Klewicki Local Competition: Miss Fond du Lac
Name: Heather Klewicki
Social Impact Statement: Making Miracles Happen: CMNH
Talent: Ballet - "'Kitri Variation"
Mary O'Connell Local Competition: Miss Fox River Valley
Name: Mary O'Connell
Social Impact Statement: The Importance of the Arts in Elementary Education
Talent: Operatic Voice - "Habanera" from Georges Bizet's Carmen
Elizabeth Butler Local Competition: Miss Green Bay Area
Name: Elizabeth Butler
Social Impact Statement: Open That Book, Promote Reading
Talent: Alto Sax - "Jump Jive & Wail"
Desiree Geffers Local Competition: Miss Heart of The Valley
Name: Desiree Geffers
Social Impact Statement: Donate Life: Be an Organ and Tissue Donor
Talent: Lyrical Dance en Pointe - "Let It Be"
Katie Williams Local Competition: Miss Heart of Wisconsin
Name: Katie Williams
Social Impact Statement: Motivating Women to Overcome the Influence of the Media
Talent: Opera- "Sempre Libera" from La Traviata
Rebecca Gaertner Local Competition: Miss Kenosha
Name: Rebecca Gaertner
Social Impact Statement: Pay it Forward - Spreading Random Acts of Kindness
Talent: Contemporary Ballet - "Dream On"
Kate Gorman Local Competition: Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest
Name: Kate Gorman
Social Impact Statement: Take a Healthy Bite out of Childhood Hunger
Talent: Tap Dance - Rumor Has It by Adele
Chelsea Hammett Local Competition: Miss Madison-Capital City
Name: Chelsea Hammett
Social Impact Statement: Suicide Awareness and Prevention
Talent: Irish Dance - "The Angry Fiddler" by Sherryvore
Stephanie Obst Local Competition: Miss Milwaukee
Name: Stephanie Obst
Social Impact Statement: The Pink Effect
Talent: Tap Dance - "Devil Went Down to Georgia"
Raquel Bruening Local Competition: Miss New Berlin
Name: Raquel Bruening
Social Impact Statement: Give Music a Chance
Talent: Clarinet - "Concertino"
Miranda Rosenthal Local Competition: Miss Onalaska
Name: Miranda Rosenthal
Social Impact Statement: Shooting for Success: Targeting Right Decisions
Talent: Vocal - "I Don't Care" by Judy Garland
Samantha Philip Local Competition: Miss Oshkosh
Name: Samantha Philip
Social Impact Statement: Adoption: The Option of Hope
Talent: Vocal - "Listen" from the Broadway musical, "Dreamgirls"
Paula Kuiper Local Competition: Miss Racine
Name: Paula Kuiper
Social Impact Statement: Breaking the Age Barrier
Talent: Clarinet - "The Carnival of Venice"
Colleen Mrotek Local Competition: Miss Saint Francis
Name: Colleen Mrotek
Social Impact Statement: A Friend For Life - Hospice Care Volunteering
Talent: Cello - "Elgar Concerto No. 1"
Elizabeth Kramer Local Competition: Miss Seven Rivers
Name: Elizabeth Kramer
Social Impact Statement: Stand Up, Speak Out Against Bullying
Talent: Operatic Vocal - "The Jewel Song" by Charles Gounod
Maggie Hill Local Competition: Miss Southern Lakes
Name: Maggie Hill
Social Impact Statement: Protect the Skin You're In: Skin Cancer Awareness
Talent: Piano - Liberace's version of "Chopsticks"
Tonya Popowski Local Competition: Miss Southern Wisconsin
Name: Tonya Popowski
Social Impact Statement: Modern Purity in Mind and Body - Abstinence Education
Talent: Dance/Twirl - "Don't Rain on my Parade" by Linda Eder
Amanda Garrity Local Competition: Miss West Allis
Name: Amanda Garrity
Social Impact Statement: Action and Activism: A World Free of Multiple Sclerosis
Talent: Opera - "Les Tringles des sisters tintaient"
Mariah Haberman Local Competition: Miss Wisconsin Central
Name: Mariah Haberman
Social Impact Statement: A Shot of Reality: Alcohol Addiction
Talent: Jazz-Funk Dance - "One Night Only"
Michelle Neumann Local Competition: Miss Wisconsin Rapids Area
Name: Michelle Neumann
Social Impact Statement: The Secret to True Beauty is You
Talent: Operatic Vocal - "Time to Say Goodbye"