2015 Local Miss Titleholders

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Miss Beloit: Kylie Thompson
Miss Burlington Area Chocolatefest: Alexandria Knight
Miss Coulee Region: Tara Pizer
Miss Door County: Hannah Cole
Miss Eastern Valley: Chelsey Wasielewski
Miss Fond du Lac: McCayla Thoe
Miss Fox River Valley: Tori Bogren
Miss Green Bay Area: Jennie Collins
Miss Harbor Cities: Jessica Johnson
Miss Heart of the Valley: Mary O'Connell
Miss Kenosha: Kiersten Gonzales
Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest: Audra Fuchsel
Miss Madison-Capital City: Tianna Vanderhei
Miss Milwaukee: Haylee Bande
Miss New Berlin: Rosalie Smith
Miss Onalaska: April Haldeman
Miss Oshkosh: MeKenzie Lund
Miss Racine: Alyssa Bohm
Miss River City: Christa Brehm
Miss Seven Rivers: Sarah Newton
Miss Southern Wisconsin: Raquel Bruening
Miss Sparta: Zoe Roou
Miss St. Francis: Rachael Obst
Miss West Allis: Tyra McFarland
Miss Wisconsin Central: Jessi Krueger
Miss Wisconsin Rapids: Madeline Kumm

Kylie Thompson Local Competition: Miss Beloit
Name: Kylie Thompson
Social Impact Statement: End The Stigma; Eating Disorders and Life After Recovery
Talent: Vocal, "Gimme Gimme" from "Thoroughly Modern Millie"
Alexandria Knight Local Competition: Miss Burlington Area Chocolatefest
Name: Alexandria Knight
Social Impact Statement: Childhood Obesity
Talent: Vocal - "Who Wants to Live Forever"
Tara Pizer Local Competition: Miss Coulee Region
Name: Tara Pizer
Social Impact Statement: Giving a Meaning to Every Tomorrow- Cystic Fibrosis Awareness
Talent: Tap Dance- "Uptown Funk"
Hannah Cole Local Competition: Miss Door County
Name: Hannah Cole
Social Impact Statement: Promoting The Three C's of Girl Scouting: Courage, Confidence and Character
Talent: Cello - Concerto in A Minor by Camille Saint Saens
Chelsey Wasielewski Local Competition: Miss Eastern Valley
Name: Chelsey Wasielewski
Social Impact Statement: Take Action: Autism Therapy
Talent: Jazz Dance to Bette Midlers, "Miss Otis Regrets"
McCayla Thoe Local Competition: Miss Fond du Lac
Name: McCayla Thoe
Social Impact Statement: "You've Got to Move It, Move It!"
Talent: Vocal, "Feeling Good", by Nina Simone
Tori Bogren Local Competition: Miss Fox River Valley
Name: Tori Bogren
Social Impact Statement: Tori's Stories: Promoting Literacy for People of All Ages
Talent: Dance/Twirl to "Another Cha Cha" by Santa Esmerelda
Jennie Collins Local Competition: Miss Green Bay Area
Name: Jennie Collins
Social Impact Statement: Volunteerism: The Gift of Giving
Talent: Comedic Monologue, "Yma Dream"
Jessica Johnson Local Competition: Miss Harbor Cities
Name: Jessica Johnson
Social Impact Statement: "Silence Hides Violence" - Combatting Domestic Violence with Conversation
Talent: Classical Piano, "Rondo Alla Turca" from Sonata No. 11 in A Major
Mary O'Connell Local Competition: Miss Heart of the Valley
Name: Mary O'Connell
Social Impact Statement: The Overlooked Side Effect: Children of Cancer Patients
Talent: Vocal to "My Man" from Funny Girl
Kiersten Gonzales Local Competition: Miss Kenosha
Name: Kiersten Gonzales
Social Impact Statement: Girls That Can! Empowering Women of All Ages
Talent: Operatic Vocal "Nessun Dorma" by Giacomo Puccini
Audra Fuchsel Local Competition: Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest
Name: Audra Fuchsel
Social Impact Statement: Food Allergy Bullying: It's Not A Joke
Talent: Vocal Performance - Una Voce Poco Fa
Tianna Vanderhei Local Competition: Miss Madison-Capital City
Name: Tianna Vanderhei
Social Impact Statement: Be Healthy, Be You: A Broader View of Wellness
Talent: Lyrical Ballet To The Song "I Stand" by Idina Menzel
Haylee Bande Local Competition: Miss Milwaukee
Name: Haylee Bande
Social Impact Statement: Haylee's H.E.R.O.E.S.; Honoring, Educating, and Respecting Our Exemplary Servicemembers
Talent: Baton Twirling - "Burning Love" by Wynonna Judd
Rosalie Smith Local Competition: Miss New Berlin
Name: Rosalie Smith
Social Impact Statement: Centered On Loving In Need
Talent: Lyrical dance to "Heaven" by Beyoncé
April Haldeman Local Competition: Miss Onalaska
Name: April Haldeman
Social Impact Statement: Ready in a Beat
Talent: Oboe solo - "Humoresque"
MeKenzie Lund Local Competition: Miss Oshkosh
Name: MeKenzie Lund
Social Impact Statement: Finish the Fight: Supporting the American Cancer Society
Talent: Tap Dance to "Heroes"
Alyssa Bohm Local Competition: Miss Racine
Name: Alyssa Bohm
Social Impact Statement: Enhancing Opportunities for Youth with Special Needs
Talent: Tap Dance - "It Don't Mean a Thing"
Christa Brehm Local Competition: Miss River City
Name: Christa Brehm
Social Impact Statement: Promoting Young Women in STEM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
Talent: Jarrod Radnich Medley on the piano
Sarah Newton Local Competition: Miss Seven Rivers
Name: Sarah Newton
Social Impact Statement: Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention
Talent: Jazz Dance to "Sing with a Swing"
Raquel Bruening Local Competition: Miss Southern Wisconsin
Name: Raquel Bruening
Social Impact Statement: My Gift...Your Song
Talent: Clarinet - "Rhapsody in Blue" by George Gershwin
Zoe Roou Local Competition: Miss Sparta
Name: Zoe Roou
Social Impact Statement: Cancer is Everyone's Battle
Talent: Vocal Performance - "Something in the Water"
Rachael Obst Local Competition: Miss St. Francis
Name: Rachael Obst
Social Impact Statement: Kick it to Cancer
Talent: Piano "Fur Elise"
Tyra McFarland Local Competition: Miss West Allis
Name: Tyra McFarland
Social Impact Statement: Home-Base: Coping with Mental Illness
Talent: Original Monologue
Jessi Krueger Local Competition: Miss Wisconsin Central
Name: Jessi Krueger
Social Impact Statement: "T.A.T.U." (Teens Against Tobacco Use)
Talent: Pianist, "Glow Worm" by Paul Lincke
Madeline Kumm Local Competition: Miss Wisconsin Rapids
Name: Madeline Kumm
Social Impact Statement: Ensuring the Future of the Performing Arts
Talent: Ballet on Pointe