2017 Local Miss Titleholders

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Miss Badgerland: Tianna Vanderhei
Miss Beloit: Katrina Laursen
Miss Burlington Area Chocolatefest: Haylee Bande
Miss Door County: Susan Fochs
Miss Fond du Lac: Rachel Sawicki
Miss Great Lakes: Gina Miliacca
Miss Green Bay Area: Tess Buege
Miss Harbor Cities: Alyssa Bohm
Miss Kenosha: Kaitlyn Rhey
Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest: Mattie Mae Krause
Miss Lakeshore: Catherine Smith
Miss Madison Capital City: McKenna Collins
Miss Milwaukee Area: Haley Lynam
Miss New Berlin: Morgan Creed
Miss Northern Lights: April Haldeman
Miss Onalaska: Erin O'Brien
Miss Oshkosh: Karis Fiedler
Miss Racine: Brynn Weinzirl
Miss Seven Rivers: Zoe Roou
Miss Southern Lakes: Elise Elmblad
Miss Sparta: Christina Weaver
Miss St. Francis: Kayla Knuth
Miss West Allis: Erin Canon
Miss Wisconsin Central: Malainey Myrin
Miss Wisconsin Rapids Area: Ryann Swanson
Miss Wood Violet: Madeline Kumm

Tianna Vanderhei Local Competition: Miss Badgerland
Name: Tianna Vanderhei
Social Impact Statement: Let's Talk: Skill Sets 4 Success
Talent: Contemporary Lyrical to "Lean On Me"
Katrina Laursen Local Competition: Miss Beloit
Name: Katrina Laursen
Social Impact Statement: Stress Less
Talent: Vocal - "Try" by Colbie Caillat
Haylee Bande Local Competition: Miss Burlington Area Chocolatefest
Name: Haylee Bande
Social Impact Statement: Salute to Service
Talent: Baton twirling to "Footloose"
Susan Fochs Local Competition: Miss Door County
Name: Susan Fochs
Social Impact Statement: Operation Not Alone - Supporting Our Troops
Talent: Irish Dance - "The Cry of the Celts"
Rachel Sawicki Local Competition: Miss Fond du Lac
Name: Rachel Sawicki
Social Impact Statement: Heart, Health & Happiness - Educating, Advocating & Inspiring People to Live a Heart Healthy Life
Talent: Vocal - "Taylor the Latte Boy"
Gina Miliacca Local Competition: Miss Great Lakes
Name: Gina Miliacca
Social Impact Statement: Scoliosis: Research, Awareness, and Support
Talent: Baton Twirling - "Don't Rain on My Parade"
Tess Buege Local Competition: Miss Green Bay Area
Name: Tess Buege
Social Impact Statement: Full STEAM Ahead: Promoting Youth in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math Careers
Talent: Math in a Minute
Alyssa Bohm Local Competition: Miss Harbor Cities
Name: Alyssa Bohm
Social Impact Statement: Enhancing Opportunities for Youth with Special Needs
Talent: Tap Dance - "Baby I'm A Star"
Kaitlyn Rhey Local Competition: Miss Kenosha
Name: Kaitlyn Rhey
Social Impact Statement: Advocating Positive Mental Health
Talent: Baton - "Don't you Worry 'Bout a Thing"
Mattie Mae Krause Local Competition: Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest
Name: Mattie Mae Krause
Social Impact Statement: Project H.E.A.R.T. ­ Heart Disease; Education, Awareness, Research, & Treatment
Talent: Contemporary Flute to "Explosive"
Catherine Smith Local Competition: Miss Lakeshore
Name: Catherine Smith
Social Impact Statement: Link Leadership: Live and Lead Your Legacy
Talent: Operatic Aria "Donde Lieta Usci" from La Boheme
McKenna Collins Local Competition: Miss Madison Capital City
Name: McKenna Collins
Social Impact Statement: Project Plié
Talent: Classical ballet variation en pointe to Swan Lake
Haley Lynam Local Competition: Miss Milwaukee Area
Name: Haley Lynam
Social Impact Statement: The Sparkle Effect: Helping Individuals with Disabilities Shine
Talent: Dance to Walk This Way
Morgan Creed Local Competition: Miss New Berlin
Name: Morgan Creed
Social Impact Statement: Morgan's Miracle Mirror
Talent: Lyrical Dance to "I Will Always Love You"
April Haldeman Local Competition: Miss Northern Lights
Name: April Haldeman
Social Impact Statement: The Power of Prevention: Creating a Healthier Tomorrow
Talent: Vocal - "Somebody to Love"
Erin O'Brien Local Competition: Miss Onalaska
Name: Erin O'Brien
Social Impact Statement: Read All About It: Youth News Literacy
Talent: Ukulele performance of "Wipeout"
Karis Fiedler Local Competition: Miss Oshkosh
Name: Karis Fiedler
Social Impact Statement: Textile Waste
Talent: Contemporary Dance "With My Own Eyes"
Brynn Weinzirl Local Competition: Miss Racine
Name: Brynn Weinzirl
Social Impact Statement: #ABCletsREAD
Talent: Self choreographed tap dance to "Jump, Jive, and Get in the Mood"
Zoe Roou Local Competition: Miss Seven Rivers
Name: Zoe Roou
Social Impact Statement: Cancer is Everyone's Battle
Talent: Vocal/guitar performance to "Skin"
Elise Elmblad Local Competition: Miss Southern Lakes
Name: Elise Elmblad
Social Impact Statement: No One Fights Cancer Alone
Talent: Vocal - Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from the Phantom of the Opera
Christina Weaver Local Competition: Miss Sparta
Name: Christina Weaver
Social Impact Statement: Operation Honor Our Troops: A voice for veterans, soldiers, and their families
Talent: Dancing to "I was here" by Beyonce
Kayla Knuth Local Competition: Miss St. Francis
Name: Kayla Knuth
Social Impact Statement: Create your own reason. Pay it Forward, Volunteer Style
Talent: Gymnastics
Erin Canon Local Competition: Miss West Allis
Name: Erin Canon
Social Impact Statement: Invisible Scars - Breaking the Cycle of Relationship Abuse
Talent: Irish Dance - "The Sky & the Dawn & the Sun"
Malainey Myrin Local Competition: Miss Wisconsin Central
Name: Malainey Myrin
Social Impact Statement: Own Your Story
Talent: Jazz Dance - "Jump in the Line (Shake Senora)"
Ryann Swanson Local Competition: Miss Wisconsin Rapids Area
Name: Ryann Swanson
Social Impact Statement: Pride without Prejudice
Talent: Acrobatic Jazz Dance to "Sparkling Diamonds"
Madeline Kumm Local Competition: Miss Wood Violet
Name: Madeline Kumm
Social Impact Statement: Un-blur the Lines: The Truth About Sexual Assault
Talent: Ballet - "Crystallize"