2018 Local Outstanding Teen Titleholders

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Miss Belle City's Outstanding Teen: Willow Newell
Miss Beloit's Outstanding Teen: Lizzie Sage
Miss Door County's Outstanding Teen: Ashley Ellefson
Miss Eastern Wisconsin's Outstanding Teen: Zoe Rucinsky
Miss Fond du Lac's Outstanding Teen: Alyssa Dalton
Miss Fox River Valley's Outstanding Teen: Eve Vanden Heuvel
Miss Green Bay Area's Outstanding Teen: Anika Mazier
Miss Halfway Creek's Outstanding Teen: Savannah Horstman
Miss Harbor Cities' Outstanding Teen: Olivia Lulich
Miss Lake Winnebago's Outstanding Teen: Cheyenne Kidrick
Miss Milwaukee Area's Outstanding Teen: Taylor Stiff
Miss Northern Lights' Outstanding Teen: Mandi Genord
Miss Onalaska's Outstanding Teen: Lizzie Davis
Miss Oshkosh's Outstanding Teen: Liberty Mugerauer
Miss Sparta's Outstanding Teen: Emalee Schwarz
Miss West Allis' Outstanding Teen: Anneliese Vass

Willow Newell Local Competition: Miss Belle City's Outstanding Teen
Name: Willow Newell
Social Impact Statement: M.A.P.: Manage Asthma Proactively
Talent: Vocal to "A Piece of Sky"
Lizzie Sage Local Competition: Miss Beloit's Outstanding Teen
Name: Lizzie Sage
Social Impact Statement: Passionate and Focused: The Value of Extracurricular Activities
Talent: Tap Dance to "Work This Body"
Ashley Ellefson Local Competition: Miss Door County's Outstanding Teen
Name: Ashley Ellefson
Social Impact Statement: Door CANcer - Financially Helping Cancer Patients
Talent: Piano - "Moonlight Sonata"
Zoe Rucinsky Local Competition: Miss Eastern Wisconsin's Outstanding Teen
Name: Zoe Rucinsky
Social Impact Statement: Growing Up and Giving Back
Talent: Vocal Rendition & Tap Dance to "Another Day of Sun" from La La Land
Alyssa Dalton Local Competition: Miss Fond du Lac's Outstanding Teen
Name: Alyssa Dalton
Social Impact Statement: Girls Leading Our World (GLOW)
Talent: Acro Dance to "Pirates of the Caribbean - He's a Pirate"
Eve Vanden Heuvel Local Competition: Miss Fox River Valley's Outstanding Teen
Name: Eve Vanden Heuvel
Social Impact Statement: POW! Power of Women! - Finding Your Superhero Within
Talent: Piano - "Swingin' the Blues"
Anika Mazier Local Competition: Miss Green Bay Area's Outstanding Teen
Name: Anika Mazier
Social Impact Statement: Music and Memory: Reconnecting with Alzheimer Patients
Talent: Tap Dance to "Proud Mary"
Savannah Horstman Local Competition: Miss Halfway Creek's Outstanding Teen
Name: Savannah Horstman
Social Impact Statement: Free To Be Me
Talent: Piano - "All of Me"
Olivia Lulich Local Competition: Miss Harbor Cities' Outstanding Teen
Name: Olivia Lulich
Social Impact Statement: Save Our Farms: Preventing the Extinction of the American Farmer
Talent: Jazz Dance to "Woman Up"
Cheyenne Kidrick Local Competition: Miss Lake Winnebago's Outstanding Teen
Name: Cheyenne Kidrick
Social Impact Statement: Gospel Unashamed
Talent: Martial Arts performed to "Eye of the Tiger"
Taylor Stiff Local Competition: Miss Milwaukee Area's Outstanding Teen
Name: Taylor Stiff
Social Impact Statement: We Are One: Building Support Circles in Today's Mentally Challenged Youth
Talent: Hard Shoe Irish Dance to "Warriors"
Mandi Genord Local Competition: Miss Northern Lights' Outstanding Teen
Name: Mandi Genord
Social Impact Statement: Let's Move! Combating Childhood Obesity
Talent: Lyrical Dance to "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables
Lizzie Davis Local Competition: Miss Onalaska's Outstanding Teen
Name: Lizzie Davis
Social Impact Statement: Mental Health Awareness
Talent: Lyrical Dance to "Hallelujah"
Liberty Mugerauer Local Competition: Miss Oshkosh's Outstanding Teen
Name: Liberty Mugerauer
Social Impact Statement: A Voice for Orphans
Talent: Baton Twirling to "Sparkling Diamonds" from Moulin Rouge
Emalee Schwarz Local Competition: Miss Sparta's Outstanding Teen
Name: Emalee Schwarz
Social Impact Statement: Kindness Campaign
Talent: Electric Guitar - "Eruption"
Anneliese Vass Local Competition: Miss West Allis' Outstanding Teen
Name: Anneliese Vass
Social Impact Statement: SIRV: Student's Involved in Real Volunteerism
Talent: Vocal and Ukulele to "Rainbow Collection"