2019 Local Miss Candidates

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Miss Badgerland: Jennifer Schmidt
Miss Beloit: Abby Miller
Miss Door County: Ashton Spritka
Miss Fond du Lac: Amanda McClelland
Miss Great Lakes: Haley Schonter
Miss Green Bay Area: Kaylee Vermeern
Miss Harbor Cities: Sarah Niehueser
Miss Kenosha: Lily Karnes
Miss LaCrosse/Oktoberfest: Gabrielle Mark
Miss Madison: Kylie Thompson
Miss Milwaukee Area: Gabriella Suliga
Miss New Berlin: Jenna Watkins
Miss Onalaska: Maddie Adickes
Miss Oshkosh: Katrina Mazier
Miss Racine: Ashely Monti
Miss Rock River Valley: Alyssa Bohm
Miss South Central: Susan Fochs
Miss Southern Lakes: Elise O'Connell
Miss Sparta: Emily Phillips
Miss St. Francis: Sarah Bittner
Miss West Allis: Tania Alvarez
Miss Wisconsin Central: Rachel Coulthurst
Miss Wisconsin Rapids Area: Danielle Moon
Miss Wood Violet: Hannah Ostertag

Jennifer Schmidt Local Competition: Miss Badgerland
Name: Jennifer Schmidt
Social Impact Statement: Diabetes, YOU Have the Control
Talent: Jazz Dance - "Hit Me With a Hot Note"
Abby Miller Local Competition: Miss Beloit
Name: Abby Miller
Social Impact Statement: Gaining Control: Living Life with Anxiety
Talent: Vocal - "Think of Me"
Ashton Spritka Local Competition: Miss Door County
Name: Ashton Spritka
Social Impact Statement: Read, Lead, Succeed: Promoting Literacy in our Communities
Talent: Piano - "One Day More"
Amanda McClelland Local Competition: Miss Fond du Lac
Name: Amanda McClelland
Social Impact Statement: ALS Awareness: Beyond the Ice Bucket
Talent: Dance - "I Hope You Dance"
Haley Schonter Local Competition: Miss Great Lakes
Name: Haley Schonter
Social Impact Statement: Step Up - Arming Youth Against Domestic Violence
Talent: Tap Dance - "Shout"
Kaylee Vermeern Local Competition: Miss Green Bay Area
Name: Kaylee Vermeern
Social Impact Statement: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
Talent: Lyrical Dance - "Silence"
Sarah Niehueser Local Competition: Miss Harbor Cities
Name: Sarah Niehueser
Social Impact Statement: Step Into Fitness
Talent: Piano - "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Lily Karnes Local Competition: Miss Kenosha
Name: Lily Karnes
Social Impact Statement: Know the Signs - No Stigma
Talent: Aerial Dance - "Survivor"
Gabrielle Mark Local Competition: Miss LaCrosse/Oktoberfest
Name: Gabrielle Mark
Social Impact Statement: Warrior, Not Worrier: Conquering Mental Illness
Talent: Broadway Lyrical Dance - "This Is Me"
Kylie Thompson Local Competition: Miss Madison
Name: Kylie Thompson
Social Impact Statement: #EndTheStigma - Putting an End to Eating Disorder Stereotypes
Talent: Vocal - "Don't Forget Me"
Gabriella Suliga Local Competition: Miss Milwaukee Area
Name: Gabriella Suliga
Social Impact Statement: The Young Innovators: Entrepreneurship from the Classroom to the Boardroom
Talent: Original Poem - "The Only Woman in the Room"
Jenna Watkins Local Competition: Miss New Berlin
Name: Jenna Watkins
Social Impact Statement: Coding Together to Grow Together
Talent: Aerial Fabrics Routine - "The Story Continues"
Maddie Adickes Local Competition: Miss Onalaska
Name: Maddie Adickes
Social Impact Statement: Voices Unheard: Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention
Talent: Piano/Vocal - "When We Were Young"
Katrina Mazier Local Competition: Miss Oshkosh
Name: Katrina Mazier
Social Impact Statement: Irreplaceable - Suicide Prevention Awareness
Talent: Tap Dance - "Run Away Baby"
Ashely Monti Local Competition: Miss Racine
Name: Ashely Monti
Social Impact Statement: S.O.U.L. - Support Others Understanding Loss
Talent: Vocal - "Gimme Gimme"
Alyssa Bohm Local Competition: Miss Rock River Valley
Name: Alyssa Bohm
Social Impact Statement: Enhancing Opportunities for Individuals with Special Needs
Talent: Tap Dance - "Get Up"
Susan Fochs Local Competition: Miss South Central
Name: Susan Fochs
Social Impact Statement: Operation Not Alone - Supporting Our Troops
Talent: Irish Dance - "Lord of the Dance"
Elise O'Connell Local Competition: Miss Southern Lakes
Name: Elise O'Connell
Social Impact Statement: A Chance to Change - Substance Abuse in the Family
Talent: Vocal - "Don't Rain on My Parade"
Emily Phillips Local Competition: Miss Sparta
Name: Emily Phillips
Social Impact Statement: Out of the Dark: Shedding Light on Mental Illness
Talent: Lyrical Dance - "Sober"
Sarah Bittner Local Competition: Miss St. Francis
Name: Sarah Bittner
Social Impact Statement: Prevention is Stronger Than Addiction
Talent: Dance - "I Will Survive"
Tania Alvarez Local Competition: Miss West Allis
Name: Tania Alvarez
Social Impact Statement: Out of the AB.Y.S.S.: Abandoned Youth in the Social System
Talent: Salsa Dance - "Para Darte Fuego"
Rachel Coulthurst Local Competition: Miss Wisconsin Central
Name: Rachel Coulthurst
Social Impact Statement: be-YOU-tiful
Talent: Flute - "Jailhouse Rock"
Danielle Moon Local Competition: Miss Wisconsin Rapids Area
Name: Danielle Moon
Social Impact Statement: Barrier Breaker: Paving Her Way to Success
Talent: Piano - "Malaguena"
Hannah Ostertag Local Competition: Miss Wood Violet
Name: Hannah Ostertag
Social Impact Statement: Education and Advocacy for Substance Use and Abuse
Talent: Vocal - "If I Ain't Got You"