2021 Local Miss Candidates

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Miss Badgerland: Hannah Ostertag
Miss Door County: Gracen Spritka
Miss Fond du Lac: Gabbi Hanlon
Miss Great Lakes: Ariana Voyles
Miss Green Bay Area: Kylie Thompson
Miss Harbor Cities: Katrina Mazier
Miss Kenosha: Alex Daher
Miss LaCrosse/Oktoberfest: Jordenne Butler
Miss Madison: Grace Stanke
Miss Milwaukee Area: Angelica Niemann
Miss New Berlin: Taylor Stiff
Miss Oshkosh: Breah Ostertag
Miss Racine: Sophia Karegeannes
Miss Rock River Valley: Jennifer Schmidt
Miss Saint Francis: Rosie Miliacca
Miss South Central: Sarah Dahdouh
Miss Sparta: Emalee Schwarz
Miss Sugar Maple: Jenna Watkins
Miss Turtle Creek: Cosette Smith
Miss West Allis: Glorian (Glo) Konieczny
Miss Wisconsin Rapids Area: Ariel Zdun
Miss Wood Violet: Abby Miller

Hannah Ostertag Local Competition: Miss Badgerland
Name: Hannah Ostertag
Social Impact Initiative: Beyond the Pink Ribbon: Breast Cancer Prevention and Advocacy
Talent: Vocal
Gracen Spritka Local Competition: Miss Door County
Name: Gracen Spritka
Social Impact Initiative: Project CARE: Kids Spreading Kindness
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Gabbi Hanlon Local Competition: Miss Fond du Lac
Name: Gabbi Hanlon
Social Impact Initiative: The Mind Matters: Advocacy and Awareness of Mental Illness
Talent: Dance
Ariana Voyles Local Competition: Miss Great Lakes
Name: Ariana Voyles
Social Impact Initiative: Healthy You, No Type 2: Preventing Type 2 Diabetes with a Healthy Lifestyle
Talent: Flute
Kylie Thompson Local Competition: Miss Green Bay Area
Name: Kylie Thompson
Social Impact Initiative: Food for Thought - Eating Disorder Awareness and Advocation
Talent: Vocal
Katrina Mazier Local Competition: Miss Harbor Cities
Name: Katrina Mazier
Social Impact Initiative: Irreplaceable - Suicide Prevention Awareness
Talent: Tap Dance
Alex Daher Local Competition: Miss Kenosha
Name: Alex Daher
Social Impact Initiative: Art Touching Hearts - Empowering All Youth Through the Arts
Talent: French Opera Vocal
Jordenne Butler Local Competition: Miss LaCrosse/Oktoberfest
Name: Jordenne Butler
Social Impact Initiative: Building Resilience for Healthy Futures
Talent: Musical Theater Jazz Dance
Grace Stanke Local Competition: Miss Madison
Name: Grace Stanke
Social Impact Initiative: Powering our Future with Nuclear Energy
Talent: Violin
Angelica Niemann Local Competition: Miss Milwaukee Area
Name: Angelica Niemann
Social Impact Initiative: Eat Right, Future Bright!
Talent: Ballet en Pointe
Taylor Stiff Local Competition: Miss New Berlin
Name: Taylor Stiff
Social Impact Initiative: Mental Illness: Ending the Stigma
Talent: Irish Dance
Breah Ostertag Local Competition: Miss Oshkosh
Name: Breah Ostertag
Social Impact Initiative: Part of the Pride: Supporting LGBT+ Youth
Talent: Classical Piano
Sophia Karegeannes Local Competition: Miss Racine
Name: Sophia Karegeannes
Social Impact Initiative: My Sister's Keeper - Providing Support to Siblings of Chronically Ill Children
Talent: Vocal
Jennifer Schmidt Local Competition: Miss Rock River Valley
Name: Jennifer Schmidt
Social Impact Initiative: Diabetes, YOU Have the Control
Talent: Jazz Dance
Rosie Miliacca Local Competition: Miss Saint Francis
Name: Rosie Miliacca
Social Impact Initiative: The Magic of a Wish
Talent: Baton Twirling
Sarah Dahdouh Local Competition: Miss South Central
Name: Sarah Dahdouh
Social Impact Initiative: T.E.A.L.: Tell Every Amazing Lady (Ovarian Cancer)
Talent: Vocal
Emalee Schwarz Local Competition: Miss Sparta
Name: Emalee Schwarz
Social Impact Initiative: Be a Kindness Rockstar
Talent: Electric Guitar
Jenna Watkins Local Competition: Miss Sugar Maple
Name: Jenna Watkins
Social Impact Initiative: It's Your Identity: Protect It
Talent: Jazz Pointe
Cosette Smith Local Competition: Miss Turtle Creek
Name: Cosette Smith
Social Impact Initiative: Safety Steps for Seizures
Talent: Vocal
Glorian (Glo) Konieczny Local Competition: Miss West Allis
Name: Glorian (Glo) Konieczny
Social Impact Initiative: Higgledy-Piggledy
Talent: Monologue
Ariel Zdun Local Competition: Miss Wisconsin Rapids Area
Name: Ariel Zdun
Social Impact Initiative: Salute Our Troops
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Abby Miller Local Competition: Miss Wood Violet
Name: Abby Miller
Social Impact Initiative: The Happy Jar Project: Advocating for Accessible Mental Health Resources
Talent: Operatic Vocal