2021 Local Outstanding Teen Titleholders



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Miss Badgerland's Outstanding Teen: Natalie Zawojski
Miss Door County's Outstanding Teen: Kaylee Griep
Miss Fond du Lac's Outstanding Teen: Lauren Bean
Miss Foot of the Lakes' Outstanding Teen: Evelyn Green
Miss Fox River Valley's Outstanding Teen: Samantha Tuchscherer
Miss Great Lakes' Outstanding Teen: Willow Newell
Miss Green Bay's Outstanding Teen: Eve Vanden Heuvel
Miss Harbor Cities' Outstanding Teen: Ellie Krohn
Miss Madison's Outstanding Teen: Madyson Friese
Miss Maritime Bay's Outstanding Teen: Brooklyn Heyn
Miss Milwaukee Area's Outstanding Teen: Bea Millan-Windorski
Miss Northwoods' Outstanding Teen: Lexi Coon
Miss Oshkosh's Outstanding Teen: Paige Nikodem
Miss South Central's Outstanding Teen: Liberty Mugerauer
Miss Sparta's Outstanding Teen: Alexis Bernett
Miss West Allis' Outstanding Teen: Alyssa Harmon
Miss Whispering Pines' Outstanding Teen: Trinity Horstman
Miss Wisconsin Central's Outstanding Teen: Kiana Schraufnagel

Natalie Zawojski Local Competition: Miss Badgerland's Outstanding Teen
Name: Natalie Zawojski
Social Impact Initiative: Reaching for STEM
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Kaylee Griep Local Competition: Miss Door County's Outstanding Teen
Name: Kaylee Griep
Social Impact Initiative: Building Self-Esteem in Young Women
Talent: Monologue
Lauren Bean Local Competition: Miss Fond du Lac's Outstanding Teen
Name: Lauren Bean
Social Impact Initiative: Choose Kindness
Talent: Tap Dance
Evelyn Green Local Competition: Miss Foot of the Lakes' Outstanding Teen
Name: Evelyn Green
Social Impact Initiative: You're Invited: Celebrating Different Abilities Through Inclusion
Talent: Baton Twirling
Samantha Tuchscherer Local Competition: Miss Fox River Valley's Outstanding Teen
Name: Samantha Tuchscherer
Social Impact Initiative: Adopt Don't Shop
Talent: Tumbling Dance Twirl
Willow Newell Local Competition: Miss Great Lakes' Outstanding Teen
Name: Willow Newell
Social Impact Initiative: CONFiDENCE
Talent: Vocal
Eve Vanden Heuvel Local Competition: Miss Green Bay's Outstanding Teen
Name: Eve Vanden Heuvel
Social Impact Initiative: Thank You from the Heart - Thanking our Veterans
Talent: Piano
Ellie Krohn Local Competition: Miss Harbor Cities' Outstanding Teen
Name: Ellie Krohn
Social Impact Initiative: Saving Lives One Person at a Time: Suicide Prevention in Teens
Talent: Operatic Vocal
Madyson Friese Local Competition: Miss Madison's Outstanding Teen
Name: Madyson Friese
Social Impact Initiative: Say Dyslexia
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Brooklyn Heyn Local Competition: Miss Maritime Bay's Outstanding Teen
Name: Brooklyn Heyn
Social Impact Initiative: Autism Awareness: Paving the Way to Empower
Talent: Violin
Bea Millan-Windorski Local Competition: Miss Milwaukee Area's Outstanding Teen
Name: Bea Millan-Windorski
Social Impact Initiative: Speak Up: Encouraging Powerful Women
Talent: Cello
Lexi Coon Local Competition: Miss Northwoods' Outstanding Teen
Name: Lexi Coon
Social Impact Initiative: You're Someone's Type...Give the Gift of Life
Talent: Vocal
Paige Nikodem Local Competition: Miss Oshkosh's Outstanding Teen
Name: Paige Nikodem
Social Impact Initiative: Cancer Patient Advocacy
Talent: Baton Twirling
Liberty Mugerauer Local Competition: Miss South Central's Outstanding Teen
Name: Liberty Mugerauer
Social Impact Initiative: A Voice for Orphans
Talent: Lyrical Baton Twirling
Alexis Bernett Local Competition: Miss Sparta's Outstanding Teen
Name: Alexis Bernett
Social Impact Initiative: Little Warrior Hearts
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Alyssa Harmon Local Competition: Miss West Allis' Outstanding Teen
Name: Alyssa Harmon
Social Impact Initiative: Raising Red: Spreading the awareness on the dangers of drugs and alcohol
Talent: Clogging
Trinity Horstman Local Competition: Miss Whispering Pines' Outstanding Teen
Name: Trinity Horstman
Social Impact Initiative: G.O.L.F.-Girls Overtaking Lunch Funds
Talent: Tap Dance
Kiana Schraufnagel Local Competition: Miss Wisconsin Central's Outstanding Teen
Name: Kiana Schraufnagel
Social Impact Initiative: Empowering Teens for Better Self Esteem
Talent: Jazz & Baton Twirling