2022 State Candidates

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Miss Badgerland: Grace Stanke
Miss Beloit: Alyssa Harmon
Miss Door County: Chloe Staudenmaier
Miss Fond du Lac: Zoe Leu
Miss Great Lakes: Breah Ostertag
Miss Green Bay Area: Hanna Mertens
Miss Harbor Cities: Kylene Spanbauer
Miss Kenosha: Jenna Zeihen
Miss La Crosse-Oktoberfest: Maddie Adickes
Miss Madison: Anna Kelly
Miss Milwaukee: Jada Davis
Miss New Berlin: Abby Miller
Miss Onalaska: Ava Krause
Miss Oshkosh: Kianna Fiedler
Miss Racine: María José Castillo Venegas
Miss Rock River Valley: Jenna Watkins
Miss Saint Francis: Jasmine Peck
Miss South Central: Jordenne Butler
Miss Sugar Maple: Lila Szyryj
Miss West Allis: Rosie Miliacca
Miss Wisconsin Rapids: Cassidy Sairs
Miss Wood Violet: Ariana Voyles

Grace Stanke Local Competition: Miss Badgerland
Name: Grace Stanke
Social Impact Initiative: Clean Energy, Cleaner Future
Talent: Classical Violin - The Storm
Alyssa Harmon Local Competition: Miss Beloit
Name: Alyssa Harmon
Social Impact Initiative: Breaking The Chains Of Poverty Through Opportunity
Talent: Tap Dance - Runaway Baby
Chloe Staudenmaier Local Competition: Miss Door County
Name: Chloe Staudenmaier
Social Impact Initiative: EDAPT: Eating Disorder Awareness and Prevention in Teens
Talent: Lyrical Dance - You Say
Zoe Leu Local Competition: Miss Fond du Lac
Name: Zoe Leu
Social Impact Initiative: Shape Your Mind To Shape Your Future: Promoting Positive Mental Health
Talent: Jazz Dance - Burnin' Up
Breah Ostertag Local Competition: Miss Great Lakes
Name: Breah Ostertag
Social Impact Initiative: Part of the Pride: Supporting LGBT+ Youths
Talent: Classical Piano - Fantaisie Impromptu
Hanna Mertens Local Competition: Miss Green Bay Area
Name: Hanna Mertens
Social Impact Initiative: One More Day: Mental Health Education and Awareness
Talent: Jazz Dance - You Can't Stop the Beat
Kylene Spanbauer Local Competition: Miss Harbor Cities
Name: Kylene Spanbauer
Social Impact Initiative: H.E.R.O. Healthy Experiences, Rewarding Outcomes
Talent: Dance Twirl - Holding Out For A Hero
Jenna Zeihen Local Competition: Miss Kenosha
Name: Jenna Zeihen
Social Impact Initiative: Soul Space: The Power of Human Connection
Talent: Vocal - Astonishing
Maddie Adickes Local Competition: Miss La Crosse-Oktoberfest
Name: Maddie Adickes
Social Impact Initiative: B4 Stage 4 Campaign
Talent: Piano and Vocal - You Will Be Found
Anna Kelly Local Competition: Miss Madison
Name: Anna Kelly
Social Impact Initiative: Promoting Youth Political Engagement
Talent: Vocal - I Have Nothing
Jada Davis Local Competition: Miss Milwaukee
Name: Jada Davis
Social Impact Initiative: What's Wrong With Being Confident?
Talent: Contemporary Fusion Dance - Dear Black Girl
Abby Miller Local Competition: Miss New Berlin
Name: Abby Miller
Social Impact Initiative: Project Happy: Revolutionizing Mental Health Education
Talent: Operatic Vocal - Il Bacio
Ava Krause Local Competition: Miss Onalaska
Name: Ava Krause
Social Impact Initiative: Aspiring Inclusive DREAMS
Talent: Vocal - One Moment in Time
Kianna Fiedler Local Competition: Miss Oshkosh
Name: Kianna Fiedler
Social Impact Initiative: Food Accessibility
Talent: Operatic Vocal - O Mio Babbino Caro
María José Castillo Venegas Local Competition: Miss Racine
Name: María José Castillo Venegas
Social Impact Initiative: Bridging Communities Through Restorative Justice
Talent: Speedcubing with Original Monologue
Jenna Watkins Local Competition: Miss Rock River Valley
Name: Jenna Watkins
Social Impact Initiative: It's Your Identity: Protect It
Talent: Musical Comedy Jazz Dance - Hot Honey Rag
Jasmine Peck Local Competition: Miss Saint Francis
Name: Jasmine Peck
Social Impact Initiative: C.A.R.E. (Connections And Resource Essentials) for Foster Care
Talent: Lyrical Dance - Rise Up
Jordenne Butler Local Competition: Miss South Central
Name: Jordenne Butler
Social Impact Initiative: Building Resilience for Healthy Futures
Talent: Jazz Dance - I Am What I Am
Lila Szyryj Local Competition: Miss Sugar Maple
Name: Lila Szyryj
Social Impact Initiative: Breaking Down Breaking News
Talent: Piano - Revolutionary Etude
Rosie Miliacca Local Competition: Miss West Allis
Name: Rosie Miliacca
Social Impact Initiative: Making a Difference - One Wish at a Time
Talent: Baton Twirling - Mambo Italiano
Cassidy Sairs Local Competition: Miss Wisconsin Rapids
Name: Cassidy Sairs
Social Impact Initiative: A Layered Approach to Skin Cancer Awareness
Talent: Contemporary Dance - What A Wonderful World
Ariana Voyles Local Competition: Miss Wood Violet
Name: Ariana Voyles
Social Impact Initiative: Healthy You, No Type 2
Talent: Flute - Explosive