2023 State Candidates

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Miss Door County: Lindsay Schuh
Miss Fond du Lac: Tori Smith
Miss Green Bay Area: Brooklyn Heyn
Miss Harbor Cities: Gabriella Premus
Miss Kenosha: Willow Newell
Miss La Crosse-Oktoberfest: Zoe de Boer
Miss Madison: Paige Eide
Miss New Berlin: Glorian (Glo) Konieczny
Miss Onalaska: Emma Booth
Miss Oshkosh: Taylor Swanson
Miss Racine: Margret Hinze
Miss Rock River Valley: Mandi Genord
Miss Saint Francis: Megan Krowski
Miss South Central: Lila Szyryj
Miss Sparta: Ellie Eswein
Miss West Allis: Jasmine Peck
Miss Wisconsin Rapids: Maria Hartley

Lindsay Schuh Local Competition: Miss Door County
Name: Lindsay Schuh
Social Impact Initiative: Kindness Saves
Talent: Monolouge
Tori Smith Local Competition: Miss Fond du Lac
Name: Tori Smith
Social Impact Initiative: Your World. Your Voice
Talent: Monologue
Brooklyn Heyn Local Competition: Miss Green Bay Area
Name: Brooklyn Heyn
Social Impact Initiative: Blood Donation: Let's Save Lives!
Talent: Violin Solo
Gabriella Premus Local Competition: Miss Harbor Cities
Name: Gabriella Premus
Social Impact Initiative: Reset.Life
Talent: Monologue
Willow Newell Local Competition: Miss Kenosha
Name: Willow Newell
Social Impact Initiative: Diversity in the Entertainment Industry
Talent: Vocal
Zoe de Boer Local Competition: Miss La Crosse-Oktoberfest
Name: Zoe de Boer
Social Impact Initiative: Imago Dei: Breaking Free of Body Shame
Talent: Vocal
Paige Eide Local Competition: Miss Madison
Name: Paige Eide
Social Impact Initiative: Act don't React: Preventative Health Care
Talent: Jazz Dance
Glorian (Glo) Konieczny Local Competition: Miss New Berlin
Name: Glorian (Glo) Konieczny
Social Impact Initiative: Inside Out: Identifying and Coping with Emotions
Talent: Monologue
Emma Booth Local Competition: Miss Onalaska
Name: Emma Booth
Social Impact Initiative: Shattered Screens; Protecting the Youth from Social Media
Talent: Saxophone
Taylor Swanson Local Competition: Miss Oshkosh
Name: Taylor Swanson
Social Impact Initiative: Mental Health Mindfulness
Talent: Cello
Margret Hinze Local Competition: Miss Racine
Name: Margret Hinze
Social Impact Initiative: Life Academies: More than Just a Statistic
Talent: Flute
Mandi Genord Local Competition: Miss Rock River Valley
Name: Mandi Genord
Social Impact Initiative: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds
Talent: Contemporary Dance
Megan Krowski Local Competition: Miss Saint Francis
Name: Megan Krowski
Social Impact Initiative: Making Invisible Disabilities Visible
Talent: Vocal
Lila Szyryj Local Competition: Miss South Central
Name: Lila Szyryj
Social Impact Initiative: Breaking Down Breaking News
Talent: Piano
Ellie Eswein Local Competition: Miss Sparta
Name: Ellie Eswein
Social Impact Initiative: Bridging the Gab between Students and Adults with Disabilities and the Community
Talent: Jazz Dance
Jasmine Peck Local Competition: Miss West Allis
Name: Jasmine Peck
Social Impact Initiative: C.A.R.E. (Connections and Resource Essentials) for Foster Care
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Maria Hartley Local Competition: Miss Wisconsin Rapids
Name: Maria Hartley
Social Impact Initiative: Finances for the Future
Talent: Vocal