2023 State Teen Candidates

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Miss Fond du Lac's Outstanding Teen: Naomi Ochs
Miss Foot of the Lake's Outstanding Teen: Lexi Ullrich
Miss Green Bay Area's Outstanding Teen: Morgan Eberhardt
Miss Harbor Cities' Outstanding Teen: Natalie Popp
Miss Madison's Outstanding Teen: Elise Tomashek
Miss New Berlin's Outstanding Teen: Addison Strunz
Miss Onalaska's Outstanding Teen: Keira Dorado
Miss Oshkosh's Outstanding Teen: Madelyn Rutkowski
Miss Saint Francis' Outstanding Teen: Carra Kleczka
Miss South Central's Outstanding Teen: Samantha Tuchscherer
Miss Sparta's Outstanding Teen: Grace Giraud
Miss West Allis' Outstanding Teen: Carly Doome
Miss Wisconsin Rapids' Outstanding Teen: Ruby Marti

Naomi Ochs Local Competition: Miss Fond du Lac's Outstanding Teen
Name: Naomi Ochs
Social Impact Initiative: EveryBODY is a Perfect BODY
Talent: Monologue
Lexi Ullrich Local Competition: Miss Foot of the Lake's Outstanding Teen
Name: Lexi Ullrich
Social Impact Initiative: Teens for Seniors
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Morgan Eberhardt Local Competition: Miss Green Bay Area's Outstanding Teen
Name: Morgan Eberhardt
Social Impact Initiative: Combating Hunger and Homelessness
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Natalie Popp Local Competition: Miss Harbor Cities' Outstanding Teen
Name: Natalie Popp
Social Impact Initiative: Teens for Heroes
Talent: Vocal
Elise Tomashek Local Competition: Miss Madison's Outstanding Teen
Name: Elise Tomashek
Social Impact Initiative: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
Talent: Piano
Addison Strunz Local Competition: Miss New Berlin's Outstanding Teen
Name: Addison Strunz
Social Impact Initiative: Fighting For a Cure
Talent: Trumpet or dance
Keira Dorado Local Competition: Miss Onalaska's Outstanding Teen
Name: Keira Dorado
Social Impact Initiative: The Pink Umbrella: Domestic Abuse Awareness
Talent: Baton
Madelyn Rutkowski Local Competition: Miss Oshkosh's Outstanding Teen
Name: Madelyn Rutkowski
Social Impact Initiative: P.E.B.B.L.E.S. - Providing Educational Building Blocks for Lower Economic Schools
Talent: Baton Twirling
Carra Kleczka Local Competition: Miss Saint Francis' Outstanding Teen
Name: Carra Kleczka
Social Impact Initiative: N.S.I.S. Never Suffer in Silence
Talent: Dance
Samantha Tuchscherer Local Competition: Miss South Central's Outstanding Teen
Name: Samantha Tuchscherer
Social Impact Initiative: Adopt Don't Shop - Pet Adoption
Talent: Dance/Baton/Gymnastics
Grace Giraud Local Competition: Miss Sparta's Outstanding Teen
Name: Grace Giraud
Social Impact Initiative: Kids in Agriculture
Talent: Western Line Dance
Carly Doome Local Competition: Miss West Allis' Outstanding Teen
Name: Carly Doome
Social Impact Initiative: K.I.N.D. - Kids In Need of Donations
Talent: Lyrical dance
Ruby Marti Local Competition: Miss Wisconsin Rapids' Outstanding Teen
Name: Ruby Marti
Social Impact Initiative: Silence is NOT Golden: Early Language Matters
Talent: Hip-Hop Dance