November 23, 2017

Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen 2017 – Grace Stanke

Hi there! My name is Grace Stanke, and I am proud to be your Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen 2017. I am a 15-year-old junior duo enrollment student at both Wausau West High School and the University of Wisconsin – Marathon County. I currently am working towards an associate’s degree in general education from UWMC and am on track to receive the degree before I graduate high school.

I competed in June of 2017 for the title of Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen, performing “Winter” by Vivaldi on the violin for the talent portion of competition. I have been playing the violin since I was in second grade, always reaching for improvement. Before the state competition, I arranged “Winter” to fit the 90-second time limit and personally recorded the accompanying part with friends. I plan to continue performing and playing the violin all throughout my life.

In addition to the talent portion of competition, another major part of competition that is of personal significance is my platform Circles of Support, a program about securing the support for a cancer patient. I know the struggle of the family who has someone going through cancer because I was in that situation – twice. My dad was diagnosed twice with Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer two separate times, and I struggled both times watching him fight the battle. Circles of Support creates care packages, clothing, and little tips for people outside of the family to help relieve the stress of the family of the cancer patient. The most important people in a cancer patient’s battle is their family and support system, so it’s crucial to keep them as stress-free as possible.

As Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen, I am spreading word about my platform and the organization across the state, in addition to recruiting new sponsors for the program. I am available to make appearances by request through the website.

When it comes to life after the crown, I want to attend Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta and double major in applied mathematics and nuclear engineering. I want to research primarily the elimination of radioactive waste in order to make nuclear power more usable, and additionally design weaponry around nuclear reactions. However, rather than making an already powerful bomb even more powerful, I want to focus on creating smaller, more controlled reactions in which the power can be isolated and controlled.

Some fun facts about me:

  1. I used to dance and play the violin – at the same time!
  2. I want to be accepted into an Ivy League school.
  3. I’m a major adrenaline junkie! I love to drive my family’s American muscle cars and “excessively accelerate” on the on-ramps.
  4. Top of my bucket list: visit all of the national parks!
  5. Item #2 on my bucket list: skydiving!
  6. I skipped 6th grade.
  7. In addition to an acoustic violin, I also have two electric violins – one of them lights up in seven different colors!
  8. My family and I always play the card game “Dirty 13” at Thanksgiving.
  9. I was nominated and attended the Wisconsin Leadership Seminar in 2017, the weekend before the state pageant!
  10. I’m an avid downhill skier!

I am excited for the remainder of my year as Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen and can’t wait to continue spreading word about this incredible life-changing organization! This past year has lead to thousands of dollars in scholarships and opened up so many doors for me. The opportunities I have received from this organization are endless! Be sure to follow me on each of the social media platforms to watch my year progress, and when the time comes, crown a successor next June!

Facebook – Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen
Instagram – @maoteenwi
Twitter – @mwioteen