January 4, 2018

Hello 2018: My New Year’s Goals…

Happy 2018 everyone! As we welcome the fresh start of a new year, it’s a perfect time for introspection and re-organizing our priorities. I have several personal and professional goals for the new year and thought I’d share them with you all. I am always so inspired when I talk with my girlfriends about their goals and dreams for the new year. I hope to do the same with you! I tried to simplify my goals and make them more attainable in doing so. I find it easier to focus on a few goals for the year rather than making a lengthy list.


Foster relationships (the old fashioned way). I’ve always been the biggest fan of a hand written note. To me, there’s nothing more personal than the time and thought put into a letter (and receiving mail in a world full of text messages and emails is equally as sweet). My goal is to send more letters to the important people in my life. Letters of love, sharing memories and the ‘just wanted to say hello’ cards.

Practice mindfulness. This one will be a challenge for me. I’m so used to constantly being “plugged in.” Whether I’m checking emails, posting on social media, doing homework, arranging an event, or admittedly, online shopping, my brain is constantly buzzing a million miles a minute. My goal is to be more present and not let technology rule my life. The way I think of it, every moment I spend on my computer/phone is one less moment I have to really LIVE my life!


No more Diet Coke. Period. If you know me well, you know that this will also be VERY difficult!

Less refined sugar. I know so many people who say this little trick completely changed the way they feel! I’m going to try this out for 30 days and see if I feel a difference. I definitely have a sweet tooth, but I’ve been without sweets for 4 days now, and I already feel the cravings going away!

Drink half my body weight in water every day. I started this challenge about one month ago, and I’m so glad I did! It’s made a huge difference in my skin, energy and has also helped me kick the Diet Coke habit so far.


Monthly visits to the Children’s Hospitals. I was so fortunate to make several visits to our Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in Wisconsin during the first six months of my term as Miss Wisconsin. Every time I went to the hospitals, I was reminded of how impactful this title can be. I never knew how much it meant to be Miss Wisconsin until I walked into my very first bed-side visit at the children’s hospital. Needless to say, it was a gentle reminder of what being Miss Wisconsin is truly about. In 2018, I am excited to be making more regular and frequent visits to the hospitals!

Encourage more young women to participate in this program. This job has truly changed the way I live my life! Service, which is at the heart of this entire organization, has given me perspective, knowledge and a desire to continue serving, even beyond the day I relinquish this title. In addition to service, from the scholarship, to the networking, to the communication skills, the job of Miss Wisconsin has prepared me for any career path I decide to take. My goal is to encourage as many young women as possible to take advantage of what this program has to offer!

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for sticking around for this (lengthy) post! I encourage you to write down a few goals and stick them on your refrigerator. Having things in writing somehow makes things more concrete in my mind! I’d love to know what your resolutions/goals are, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch. I love hearing from all of you!


Have a joyful and meaningful start to the new year!

McKenna Collins

Miss Wisconsin 2017