Outstanding Teen 2019 – Savannah Horstman

Hometown: Onalaska, Wisconsin
Education:   Holmen High School
Platform Issue: #ALLY – Supporting my friends in the LGBTQ+ community
Scholastic / Career Ambition: I plan to finish high school with 4.0 GPA. Plan to attend: UCO-Denver, Major in Biochemistry/Spanish Minor in Health Humanities & Law
Talent: Vocal – “Finding Wonderland” – Finding Wonderland
Scholastic Honors:  High Honor Roll Middle School; High Honor Roll HS; Presidential Academic Achievement Award 5th Grade; Ranked 20th in my class; 4.05 GPA
Leadership Roles: 6th Grade Student Council; Peacekeeper; Substitute Orientation; Show Choir; Forensics; Montana-FLBC; ELCA Youth Gathering
Accomplishments: Forensics State 2017; WMTA Piano Competition; 3rd Runner-Up for Talent and Top 10 at NAM 2012; Top 30 at NAM 2013; Participated in six school plays; State Solo & Ensemble; Show Choir

Interesting Facts: I love traveling and have been to 15 states and Spain; My hair has an Instagram account; I am too tall to be a Disney princess; I have been in over 50 parades since I was 12; I met my favorite celebrity at Universal Studios; I was a judge for a drag show; I met Miss America 2018 Cara Mund; I attended a performing arts class at Disney World; CMNH helped my family when I was only a few days old.

Marketing Plan: The best way to encourage people to join the Miss America and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization is to promote all of the great qualities that come from competing in this organization. I know for a fact that participants gain new life-long friends, confidence and interview skills. As Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, I would promote the fact that this program gives you many skills by traveling and speaking to girls across the country about the benefits of the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization. I plan to travel to the many hospitals partnered with CMN as the National Goodwill Ambassador. I will also promote my platform throughout my community by talking at schools, and educating my communities on the LGBTQ+ community. I also plan to educate the U.S. about the impact a supportive role model has on the life of a LGBTQ+ child.

How would I promote the MAOTeen Organization?: This organization is all about empowering young women to achieve their goals. I would travel across the U.S. and host camps to teach young women how to achieve their goals, and help them grow their interview skills. I also would use the benefits of social media by promoting the MAOTeen Organization on multiple different platforms.