Vote for Miss Wisconsin’s Teen Fan Favorite

The teen contestant who receives the most internet votes on or before Thursday, June 22, 2023 at 11:59 P.M.(central daylight savings time), will be announced from stage during the competition as Miss Wisconsin’s Teen "Fan Favorite" and will receive a $500.00 scholarship.

The internet vote will NOT impact the judges' scoring.

The $500.00 "Fan Favorite" scholarship will be awarded to the teen contestant receiving the most internet votes and will be announced near the end of the competition, after the judges have finished scoring all areas of competition and completed their final ballot.

This voting process is being conducted by a secure, off-site server.

It's very easy to vote, simply click the "VOTE" button below the contestant you wish to vote for.

Each vote costs $1.00.

Tre-Anna Metzger Local Competition: Miss Beloit's Teen
Name: Tre-Anna Metzger
Social Impact Initiative: FLY Beyond Exposure
Talent: Dance
Vote For Me ($1)
Trinity Horstman Local Competition: Miss Crossing Rivers' Teen
Name: Trinity Horstman
Social Impact Initiative: Making Miracles Happen: Supporting Our Local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
Talent: Tap Dance
Vote For Me ($1)
Kalei Klaubauf Local Competition: Miss Door County's Teen
Name: Kalei Klaubauf
Social Impact Initiative: The Importance of Music in the Lives of the Young
Talent: Operatic Vocal
Vote For Me ($1)
Naomi Ochs Local Competition: Miss Fond du Lac's Teen
Name: Naomi Ochs
Social Impact Initiative: EveryBODY is a Perfect BODY
Talent: Monologue
Vote For Me ($1)
Alexis Ullrich Local Competition: Miss Foot of the Lake's Teen
Name: Alexis Ullrich
Social Impact Initiative: Teens for Seniors
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Vote For Me ($1)
Jayden Dalton Local Competition: Miss Fox Cities' Teen
Name: Jayden Dalton
Social Impact Initiative: Living Life Confidently with a Speech Disability
Talent: Vocal
Vote For Me ($1)
Etta Tidd Local Competition: Miss Great Lakes' Teen
Name: Etta Tidd
Social Impact Initiative: Limitless: Overcoming Barriers To Be Your Best Self
Talent: Contemporary On Pointe
Vote For Me ($1)
Morgan Eberhardt Local Competition: Miss Green Bay Area's Teen
Name: Morgan Eberhardt
Social Impact Initiative: Combating Hunger and Homelessness
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Vote For Me ($1)
Natalie Popp Local Competition: Miss Harbor Cities' Teen
Name: Natalie Popp
Social Impact Initiative: Teens for Heroes
Talent: Vocal
Vote For Me ($1)
Elise Tomashek Local Competition: Miss Madison's Teen
Name: Elise Tomashek
Social Impact Initiative: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
Talent: Piano
Vote For Me ($1)
Addison Strunz Local Competition: Miss New Berlin's Teen
Name: Addison Strunz
Social Impact Initiative: Fighting For a Cure
Talent: Trumpet or dance
Vote For Me ($1)
Keira Dorado Local Competition: Miss Onalaska's Teen
Name: Keira Dorado
Social Impact Initiative: The Pink Umbrella: Domestic Abuse Awareness
Talent: Baton
Vote For Me ($1)
Madelyn Rutkowski Local Competition: Miss Oshkosh's Teen
Name: Madelyn Rutkowski
Social Impact Initiative: P.E.B.B.L.E.S. - Providing Educational Building Blocks for Lower Economic Schools
Talent: Baton Twirling
Vote For Me ($1)
Kellyse Lutzow Local Competition: Miss Rock County's Teen
Name: Kellyse Lutzow
Social Impact Initiative: Let Your Light Shine
Talent: Dance On Pointe
Vote For Me ($1)
Samantha Tuchscherer Local Competition: Miss South Central's Teen
Name: Samantha Tuchscherer
Social Impact Initiative: Adopt Don't Shop - Pet Adoption
Talent: Dance/Baton/Gymnastics
Vote For Me ($1)
Grace Giraud Local Competition: Miss Sparta's Teen
Name: Grace Giraud
Social Impact Initiative: Kids in Agriculture
Talent: Western Line Dance
Vote For Me ($1)
Carra Kleczka Local Competition: Miss St. Francis' Teen
Name: Carra Kleczka
Social Impact Initiative: N.S.I.S. Never Suffer in Silence
Talent: Dance
Vote For Me ($1)
Carly Doome Local Competition: Miss West Allis' Teen
Name: Carly Doome
Social Impact Initiative: K.I.N.D. - Kids In Need of Donations
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Vote For Me ($1)
Ruby Marti Local Competition: Miss Wisconsin Rapids' Teen
Name: Ruby Marti
Social Impact Initiative: Silence is NOT Golden: Early Language Matters
Talent: Hip-Hop Dance
Vote For Me ($1)