Vote for Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen Fan Favorite

The teen contestant who receives the most internet votes on or before Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 11:59 P.M.(central daylight savings time), will be announced from stage during the pageant as Miss Wisconsin’s Outstanding Teen "Fan Favorite" and will receive a $500.00 scholarship.

The internet vote will NOT impact the judges' scoring.

The $500.00 "Fan Favorite" scholarship will be awarded to the teen contestant receiving the most internet votes and will be announced near the end of the pageant, after the judges have finished scoring all areas of competition and completed their final ballot.

This voting process is being conducted by a secure, off-site server.

It's very easy to vote, simply click the "VOTE" button below the contestant you wish to vote for.

Each vote costs $1.00.

Willow Newell Local Pageant: Miss Belle City's Outstanding Teen
Name: Willow Newell
Platform: M.A.P.: Manage Asthma Proactively
Talent: Vocal to "A Piece of Sky"
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Lizzie Sage Local Pageant: Miss Beloit's Outstanding Teen
Name: Lizzie Sage
Platform: Passionate and Focused: The Value of Extracurricular Activities
Talent: Tap Dance to "Work This Body"
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Ashley Ellefson Local Pageant: Miss Door County's Outstanding Teen
Name: Ashley Ellefson
Platform: Door CANcer - Financially Helping Cancer Patients
Talent: Piano - "Moonlight Sonata"
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Zoe Rucinsky Local Pageant: Miss Eastern Wisconsin's Outstanding Teen
Name: Zoe Rucinsky
Platform: Growing Up and Giving Back
Talent: Vocal Rendition & Tap Dance to "Another Day of Sun" from La La Land
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Alyssa Dalton Local Pageant: Miss Fond du Lac's Outstanding Teen
Name: Alyssa Dalton
Platform: Girls Leading Our World (GLOW)
Talent: Acro Dance to "Pirates of the Caribbean - He's a Pirate"
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Eve Vanden Heuvel Local Pageant: Miss Fox River Valley's Outstanding Teen
Name: Eve Vanden Heuvel
Platform: POW! Power of Women! - Finding Your Superhero Within
Talent: Piano - "Swingin' the Blues"
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Anika Mazier Local Pageant: Miss Green Bay Area's Outstanding Teen
Name: Anika Mazier
Platform: Music and Memory: Reconnecting with Alzheimer Patients
Talent: Tap Dance to "Proud Mary"
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Savannah Horstman Local Pageant: Miss Halfway Creek's Outstanding Teen
Name: Savannah Horstman
Platform: Free To Be Me
Talent: Piano - "All of Me"
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Olivia Lulich Local Pageant: Miss Harbor Cities' Outstanding Teen
Name: Olivia Lulich
Platform: Save Our Farms: Preventing the Extinction of the American Farmer
Talent: Jazz Dance to "Woman Up"
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Cheyenne Kidrick Local Pageant: Miss Lake Winnebago's Outstanding Teen
Name: Cheyenne Kidrick
Platform: Gospel Unashamed
Talent: Martial Arts performed to "Eye of the Tiger"
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Taylor Stiff Local Pageant: Miss Milwaukee Area's Outstanding Teen
Name: Taylor Stiff
Platform: We Are One: Building Support Circles in Today's Mentally Challenged Youth
Talent: Hard Shoe Irish Dance to "Warriors"
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Mandi Genord Local Pageant: Miss Northern Lights' Outstanding Teen
Name: Mandi Genord
Platform: Let's Move! Combating Childhood Obesity
Talent: Lyrical Dance to "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables
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Lizzie Davis Local Pageant: Miss Onalaska's Outstanding Teen
Name: Lizzie Davis
Platform: Mental Health Awareness
Talent: Lyrical Dance to "Hallelujah"
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Liberty Mugerauer Local Pageant: Miss Oshkosh's Outstanding Teen
Name: Liberty Mugerauer
Platform: A Voice for Orphans
Talent: Baton Twirling to "Sparkling Diamonds" from Moulin Rouge
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Emalee Schwarz Local Pageant: Miss Sparta's Outstanding Teen
Name: Emalee Schwarz
Platform: Kindness Campaign
Talent: Electric Guitar - "Eruption"
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Anneliese Vass Local Pageant: Miss West Allis' Outstanding Teen
Name: Anneliese Vass
Platform: SIRV: Student's Involved in Real Volunteerism
Talent: Vocal and Ukulele to "Rainbow Collection"
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