Vote for the Next Miss Wisconsin

The candidate who receives the most internet votes on or before Friday, June 18, 2021 at 11:59 P.M. (central daylight savings time), will become a "Top 11" finalist Saturday night at the beginning of the 2021 Miss Wisconsin Scholarship Program.

Note: If the person with the highest number of votes is already in the top 10 judge's selections, the final position will be filled by the judge's next selection.

The internet vote will NOT impact the judges' scoring. The judges and audience will NOT know who received the highest number of votes until the competition is finished.

A $600.00, "People's Choice" scholarship will be awarded to the candidate receiving the most internet votes near the end of the telecast, after judges have finished scoring all areas of competition.

This voting process is being conducted by a secure, off-site server.

It's very easy to vote, simply click the "VOTE" button below the candidate you wish to vote for.
Each vote costs $1.00.

Hannah Ostertag Local Competition: Miss Badgerland
Name: Hannah Ostertag
Social Impact Statement: Beyond the Pink Ribbon: Breast Cancer Prevention and Advocacy
Talent: Vocal
Vote For Me ($1)
Gracen Spritka Local Competition: Miss Door County
Name: Gracen Spritka
Social Impact Statement: Project CARE: Kids Spreading Kindness
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Vote For Me ($1)
Gabbi Hanlon Local Competition: Miss Fond du Lac
Name: Gabbi Hanlon
Social Impact Statement: The Mind Matters: Advocacy and Awareness of Mental Illness
Talent: Dance
Vote For Me ($1)
Ariana Voyles Local Competition: Miss Great Lakes
Name: Ariana Voyles
Social Impact Statement: Healthy You, No Type 2: Preventing Type 2 Diabetes with a Healthy Lifestyle
Talent: Flute
Vote For Me ($1)
Kylie Thompson Local Competition: Miss Green Bay Area
Name: Kylie Thompson
Social Impact Statement: Food for Thought - Eating Disorder Awareness and Advocation
Talent: Vocal
Vote For Me ($1)
Katrina Mazier Local Competition: Miss Harbor Cities
Name: Katrina Mazier
Social Impact Statement: Irreplaceable - Suicide Prevention Awareness
Talent: Tap Dance
Vote For Me ($1)
Alex Daher Local Competition: Miss Kenosha
Name: Alex Daher
Social Impact Statement: Art Touching Hearts - Empowering All Youth Through the Arts
Talent: French Opera Vocal
Vote For Me ($1)
Jordenne Butler Local Competition: Miss LaCrosse/Oktoberfest
Name: Jordenne Butler
Social Impact Statement: Building Resilience for Healthy Futures
Talent: Musical Theater Jazz Dance
Vote For Me ($1)
Grace Stanke Local Competition: Miss Madison
Name: Grace Stanke
Social Impact Statement: Powering our Future with Nuclear Energy
Talent: Violin
Vote For Me ($1)
Angelica Niemann Local Competition: Miss Milwaukee Area
Name: Angelica Niemann
Social Impact Statement: Eat Right, Future Bright!
Talent: Ballet en Pointe
Vote For Me ($1)
Taylor Stiff Local Competition: Miss New Berlin
Name: Taylor Stiff
Social Impact Statement: Mental Illness: Ending the Stigma
Talent: Irish Dance
Vote For Me ($1)
Breah Ostertag Local Competition: Miss Oshkosh
Name: Breah Ostertag
Social Impact Statement: Part of the Pride: Supporting LGBT+ Youth
Talent: Classical Piano
Vote For Me ($1)
Sophia Karegeannes Local Competition: Miss Racine
Name: Sophia Karegeannes
Social Impact Statement: My Sister's Keeper - Providing Support to Siblings of Chronically Ill Children
Talent: Vocal
Vote For Me ($1)
Jennifer Schmidt Local Competition: Miss Rock River Valley
Name: Jennifer Schmidt
Social Impact Statement: Diabetes, YOU Have the Control
Talent: Jazz Dance
Vote For Me ($1)
Rosie Miliacca Local Competition: Miss Saint Francis
Name: Rosie Miliacca
Social Impact Statement: The Magic of a Wish
Talent: Baton Twirling
Vote For Me ($1)
Sarah Dahdouh Local Competition: Miss South Central
Name: Sarah Dahdouh
Social Impact Statement: T.E.A.L.: Tell Every Amazing Lady (Ovarian Cancer)
Talent: Vocal
Vote For Me ($1)
Emalee Schwarz Local Competition: Miss Sparta
Name: Emalee Schwarz
Social Impact Statement: Be a Kindness Rockstar
Talent: Electric Guitar
Vote For Me ($1)
Jenna Watkins Local Competition: Miss Sugar Maple
Name: Jenna Watkins
Social Impact Statement: It's Your Identity: Protect It
Talent: Jazz Pointe
Vote For Me ($1)
Cosette Smith Local Competition: Miss Turtle Creek
Name: Cosette Smith
Social Impact Statement: Safety Steps for Seizures
Talent: Vocal
Vote For Me ($1)
Glorian (Glo) Konieczny Local Competition: Miss West Allis
Name: Glorian (Glo) Konieczny
Social Impact Statement: Fighting Brain Cancer: Together We Can Win
Talent: Monologue
Vote For Me ($1)
Ariel Zdun Local Competition: Miss Wisconsin Rapids Area
Name: Ariel Zdun
Social Impact Statement: Salute Our Troops
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Vote For Me ($1)
Abby Miller Local Competition: Miss Wood Violet
Name: Abby Miller
Social Impact Statement: The Happy Jar Project: Advocating for Accessible Mental Health Resources
Talent: Operatic Vocal
Vote For Me ($1)