Vote for the Next Miss Wisconsin

The contestant who receives the most internet votes on or before Friday, June 15, 2018 at 11:59 P.M. (central daylight savings time), will become a "Top 11" finalist Saturday night at the beginning of the 2018 Miss Wisconsin Scholarship Program.

(NOTE: If the highest vote receiver is already a finalist due to her preliminary competition scores by the judges, the contestant receiving the second-highest number of votes will become the 11th finalist, and so forth.)

The internet vote will NOT impact the judges' scoring. The judges and audience will NOT know who received the highest number of votes until the competition is finished.

A $600.00, "People's Choice" scholarship will be awarded to the contestant receiving the most internet votes near the end of the telecast, after judges have finished scoring all areas of competition.

This voting process is being conducted by a secure, off-site server.

It's very easy to vote, simply click the "VOTE" button below the contestant you wish to vote for.
Each vote costs $1.00.

Susan Fochs Local Pageant: Miss Badgerland
Name: Susan Fochs
Platform: Operation Not Alone - Supporting Our Troops
Talent: Irish Dance to "Cry of the Celts"
Major: MA in Public Policy and Administration
Vote For Me ($1)
Micheala Ward Local Pageant: Miss Beloit
Name: Micheala Ward
Platform: Alzheimer's Awareness
Talent: Classical Vocal to "Run to You"
Major: Criminal Justice with a Minor in Music
Vote For Me ($1)
Madeline Winkel Local Pageant: Miss Door County
Name: Madeline Winkel
Platform: Mental Health Awareness in Teens
Talent: Original Poem "The Whisper
Major: Communications & Public Relations Graduate
Vote For Me ($1)
Rachelle Wuest Local Pageant: Miss Fond du Lac
Name: Rachelle Wuest
Platform: P.O.T.S. the "Silent Disease"
Talent: Flute to "He's a Pirate"
Major: Radiologic Technology
Vote For Me ($1)
Alyssa Bohm Local Pageant: Miss Great Lakes
Name: Alyssa Bohm
Platform: Enhancing Opportunities for Individuals with Special Needs
Talent: Tap Dance to "Baby, I'm a Star"
Major: BS in Education
Vote For Me ($1)
Katrina Mazier Local Pageant: Miss Green Bay Area
Name: Katrina Mazier
Platform: Teens of Tomorrow - Teen Suicide Prevention Awareness
Talent: Lyrical Jazz Dance to "Fight Song"
Major: Communications
Vote For Me ($1)
Serena Larie Local Pageant: Miss Harbor Cities
Name: Serena Larie
Platform: G.I.V.E. - Get Involved Via Engagement
Talent: Hard Shoe Irish Dance to "Warriors"
Major: Communication and Minor in Radio-TV-Film
Vote For Me ($1)
Maria Salerno Local Pageant: Miss Kenosha
Name: Maria Salerno
Platform: #SeeTheGift: Disability Acceptance and Inclusion
Talent: Piano to 'Malaguena'
Major: English and Marketing with Minor in German
Vote For Me ($1)
Madeline Kumm Local Pageant: Miss La Crosse / Oktoberfest
Name: Madeline Kumm
Platform: Un-blur the Lines: The Truth about Sexual Assault
Talent: Lyrical Dance to "I Don't Know My Own Strength"
Major: Communications Studies, Broadcast Journalism Emphasis
Vote For Me ($1)
Katarina Nguyen Local Pageant: Miss Madison/Capital City
Name: Katarina Nguyen
Platform: Superheroes, Super Me: Helping Sick Children Recover with Confidence
Talent: Traditional Zither to "A Time for Us" from Romeo and Juliet
Major: BS in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Currently a Medical School Student at UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health
Vote For Me ($1)
Haley Schonter Local Pageant: Miss Milwaukee Area
Name: Haley Schonter
Platform: "Step Up - Arming Youth Against Domestic Violence"
Talent: Contemporary Dance to "I Surrender"
Major: Political Science and Psychology
Vote For Me ($1)
Jamie Lynne Watkins Local Pageant: Miss New Berlin
Name: Jamie Lynne Watkins
Platform: Call Me Crazy: Assisting the Mentally Ill in Our Society
Talent: Classical Piano to "Nocturne Opus 54 No. 4"
Major: Political Science/Pre-Law
Vote For Me ($1)
Ryann Swanson Local Pageant: Miss Northern Lights
Name: Ryann Swanson
Platform: Pride Without Prejudice
Talent: Acrobatic Jazz Dance to "Sparkling Diamonds"
Major: Graphic Communications
Vote For Me ($1)
McKenzie Klipp Local Pageant: Miss Onalaska
Name: McKenzie Klipp
Platform: Focus, Drive, Stay Alive
Talent: Lyrical Dance to "Who You Are"
Major: Nursing
Vote For Me ($1)
Kate Lidtke Local Pageant: Miss Oshkosh
Name: Kate Lidtke
Platform: Special Needs, Special Minds: Including Those with Special Needs
Talent: Musical Theater Vocal to "I Dreamed a Dream"
Major: Early Childhood Education
Vote For Me ($1)
Jennifer Schmidt Local Pageant: Miss Racine
Name: Jennifer Schmidt
Platform: Diabetes, YOU Have the Control
Talent: Jazz Dance to "Feeling Good"
Major: Rehabilitation Psychology
Vote For Me ($1)
Paige Kassner Local Pageant: Miss Red Granite
Name: Paige Kassner
Platform: Pages of LIFE: Living It Fully Everyday
Talent: Latin Jazz Fusion Dance to "Hip Hip Chin Chin"
Major: Community and Non-Profit Leadership
Vote For Me ($1)
Jessica Hammer Local Pageant: Miss Seven Rivers
Name: Jessica Hammer
Platform: GEMS-Girls Empowered and Motivated to Serve
Talent: Jazz Dance to "Don't Stop Me Now"
Major: Communication/Public Relations with a Minor in Public Relations
Vote For Me ($1)
Elise O'Connell Local Pageant: Miss South Central
Name: Elise O'Connell
Platform: A Chance to Change
Talent: Vocal - "On My Way"
Major: Music
Vote For Me ($1)
Kylie Thompson Local Pageant: Miss Southern Lakes
Name: Kylie Thompson
Platform: #End the Stigma-Eating Disorder Movement
Talent: Musical Theater Vocal to "Maybe This Time" from Cabaret
Major: Communication and Media Studies
Vote For Me ($1)
Erica Ebert Local Pageant: Miss Sparta
Name: Erica Ebert
Platform: Behind Closed Doors
Talent: Lyrical Dance to "Praying"
Major: Surgical Technology
Vote For Me ($1)
Alexa Biami Local Pageant: Miss St. Francis
Name: Alexa Biami
Platform: Embrace Race - Raising a Brave Generation
Talent: Vocal to "I (Who Have Nothing)"
Major: Music Therapy with Minor in Vocal Performance
Vote For Me ($1)
Erin Canon Local Pageant: Miss Sugar Maple
Name: Erin Canon
Platform: Invisible Scars: Breaking the Cycle of Relationship Abuse
Talent: Irish Dance to "Roundtable Rival"
Major: Masters in Higher Education Administration
Vote For Me ($1)
Gina Miliacca Local Pageant: Miss West Allis
Name: Gina Miliacca
Platform: S.E.E.: Hope for the Future
Talent: Dance Twirl to "Don't Rain On My Parade"
Major: Physical Therapy
Vote For Me ($1)
Catherine Smith Local Pageant: Miss Wisconsin Central
Name: Catherine Smith
Platform: Youth Mentorship: Empowering Students to Lead a Better Tomorrow
Talent: Operatic Vocal "Donde Lieta Usci" from La Boheme
Major: Politically Science and Journalism
Vote For Me ($1)
Hannah Ashbeck Local Pageant: Miss Wisconsin Rapids Area
Name: Hannah Ashbeck
Platform: Look Local First
Talent: Tap Dance to "Soul Man"
Major: Pursuing a Master's in Communication from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
Vote For Me ($1)
Tianna Vanderhei Local Pageant: Miss Wood Violet
Name: Tianna Vanderhei
Platform: Let's Talk - Skill Sets 4 Success
Talent: Contemporary Dance to "Lean on Me"
Major: BS in Organizational & Professional Communication
Vote For Me ($1)